23 February 2017

Connexion Media enters Chinese market

Only 24 hours after being awarded Gold Partner status by Microsoft, developer and distributor of smart car software apps and services, Connexion Media (ASX: CXZ) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Chinese auto hardware vendor, Tass Internet of Vehicles Co. Limited (TassIOV), a group which currently supplies embedded hardware devices to two Chinese based automakers, and has commercial relationships with an additional five China-based automakers.

23 December 2016

There’s one major obstacle to a driverless car future that tech can’t solve — and that’s you

Two years ago, driverless cars were unheard of. Today, they’re on the roads in Silicon Valley and Pennsylvania.

Nine months ago, the concept of vehicles talking to traffic lights was only the subject of an MIT study. Last week, Audis in Las Vegas began telling their drivers how many seconds there were to go before the red light ahead turned green.


24 November 2016

Crowdfunding opened to companies up to $25m

Unlisted public companies with less than $25 million in assets and turnover will soon be able to raise capital via crowd-sourced equity funding, thanks to a new bill introduced by the Coalition on Thursday.


15 October 2016

Future of Cars in Sydney

Where’s my flying car, right? They’re working on it, but even by 2026 traffic won’t be ready for take-off. Cars will be more autonomous and more connected than ever before, but they won’t have gained in altitude.

29 September 2016

Future of Connected Cars, According to Industry Software Visionary

As CEO of Connexion Media, the company whose software powers General Motors’ Commercial Link vehicle management service, George Parthimos is at the forefront of the movement known as the “connected car.” It’s a market with almost endless possibilities, one whose data and mobility services by themselves could generate as much as $1.5 trillion in revenue by 2030, according to McKinsey.

21 September 2016

20 successful CEOs share the best thing they learnt at school

School is an important time for everyone. Not only does it provide the educational foundation that informs our adult lives, it’s where we begin to learn how the world works. Many successful people attribute their achievements to moments during the schools years — events or wise snippets which they carried with them for the rest of their lives. In fact, sometimes they learn more outside the confines of the classroom.


12 August 2016

Smart cars: Enabling the future of the automobile

The dawn of the smart car is upon us, and companies are spending billions working feverously to be the first to market with commercially viable self-driving cars (known as “autonomous vehicles” within the industry).


11 July 2016

Tech sector says Malcolm Turnbull can win back public support

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may have won the election by the narrowest of margins, but if it was up to the tech community, he would have won in a landslide.


24 June 2016

Election 2016: What 48 Australian executives want

On July 2, Australians will head to the polling booths to determine the 45th parliament of Australia.

On the table in this election is the NBN, company tax, skills migration, innovation and other such policies that could play a significant role in the future of Australian business.


22 June 2016

Smart car software company Connexion Media raises $5 million

ASX-listed smart car software company Connexion Media has raised $5 million through convertible notes to drive sales and marketing activities with its two major partners – General Motors and Oracle.


22 June 2016

Auto software startup Connexion is targeting Europe with a $5 million war chest

Australian auto software startup Connexion Media just tipped $5 million into its working capital, raising it from institutional and sophisticated investors via convertible notes.


22 June 2016

5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Good news! The days are now getting longer from today!

Here’s what you need to know.


13 June 2016

Spotify, Apple, Pandora, Guvera battle for streaming survival as costs jump

Music streaming services may be popular with consumers, but behind the scenes the industry is set for a fight that several major players are unlikely to survive.


23 May 2016

Innovation and technology, the perfect pair?

Can the Australian economy rebalance from strong growth in mining and property to a focus on innovation?  This is the question that many are asking of government and business as we chart new waters of economic uncertainty.


12 May 2016

ASX to restrict small start-ups from listing too early

Early stage companies with a market value of under $20 million and less than $5 million in net tangible assets will be restricted from listing on the ASX if proposed changes to listing rules are implemented.


27 April 2016

GM Commercial Link Unlocks New Telematics Service

On April 1, GM launched a new telematics service, GM Commercial Link that uses OnStar technology in 2015 model year or newer vehicles. The development process of the service from idea to final launch took only 18 months.


15 April 2016

Aussie startup wins over General Motors

Connexion Media has forecast a “major revenue uplift” after business partner General Motors began pushing the startup’s in-car technology.


5 April 2016

Connexion taps in to Oracle’s reach

Melbourne-based Connexion Media has struck a deal with ­Oracle, giving the ASX-listed ­automotive software maker ­access to Oracle’s infrastructure, CRM platform and 15,000-strong salesforce…


1 April 2016

GM Commercial Link Born From An Australian Startup

General Motors launched its latest connectivity initiative yesterday with Commercial Link. Powered by OnStar, small businesses and fleet owners will have the ability to manage their vehicles easier, and in the most efficient way possible…


1 April 2016

GM Introduces OnStar-Powered Commercial Link Service

General Motors was one of the earliest pioneers in vehicle telematics, well ahead of rivals in offering vehicle connectivity when many were questioning the need for it…


1 April 2016

General Motors just launched a new platform made by an Australian startup

General Motor’s new vehicle management system went live overnight. Known as Commercial Link, it made by Australian auto startup Connexion…


7 January 2016

Dialling in to Silicon Valley

George Parthimos is rubbing shoulders with the tech world’s elite at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show, where he has just launched the world’s first smart car subscription service with General Motors…


7 January 2016

Aussie firm makes world first US car tech

Like Fitbit for cars, Australian tech will let US car owners check information including fuel consumption, speed and driver behaviour on their smartphones…

7 January 2016

GM confirmed as Connexion Media’s US partner

SHARES in Connexion Media rocketed 40 per cent in early trade on the Australian Stock Exchange after the Melbourne-based software developer revealed that General Motors would distribute its fleet management product in the United States…


7 January 2016

The Aussies behind the CES show-stopping tech about to feature in millions of GM’s cars

Despite Australia’s vehicle manufacturing plants shutting down over the next two years, our auto industry looks to be thriving in design and technology…


7 January 2016

CES: General Motors unveils Aussie vehicle management app

The world’s first smart car subscription service that lets users track a vehicle’s diagnostics from a smartphone in real-time has been developed by Melbourne-based tech company Connexion Media for General Motors…


30 November 2015

Connexion Media announces plans for Melbourne car tech hub to link startups with US giants

ASX-listed car software company Connexion Media says it can help rejuvenate the Victorian automotive sector with a new innovation centre for internet-connected cars, which will link local startups with major industry players…


6 August 2015

Ford uploads Australian radio app

FORD MOTOR COMPANY has signed a global agreement to use the Australian-developed miRoamer internet radio app in its SYNC infotainment system…

21 July 2015

Connexion receives first US Flex revenues

MELBOURNE-BASED Connexion Media has received its first payment from a United States-based car-maker for customisation work on its Flex product ahead of the product launch later this year…

2 June 2015

Connexion sells Flex in the US

MELBOURNE software developer Connexion Media has signed another distribution agreement with an American car-maker, this time for its Flex fleet management system…

12 January 2015

Plugging into car apps could keep you on the road

IN about a decade we will all be able to reminisce about the good old days when cars weren’t even connected to the internet…