Are you getting a OnStar ONS-116 Error?

We have heard from many of our Dealers about an error message that is being received which displays ONS-116.  In efforts to make it easy for others that are also getting the ONS-116 error, we are posting the solution to the problem here for easy reference.  

How long doe it take to fix an OnStar ONS-116 Error?

The time to fix an ONS-116 error ranges from 2 to 15 minutes.  This is dependent on what is causing the ONS-116 error and which of the steps that will need to be completed to resolve it.  

Steps to resolve a ONS-116 error:

Step 1

Using the Onboard Diagnostics feature of your OnStar system, check the status of your vehicle.  In some cases it will provide a quick remedy for the ONS-116 error.  If you do not have a screen, and only the Blue OnStar button, you can press the button and ask the OnStar Dealer Advisor to run a Diagnostics for you.  

Step 2

If the first step has not resolved the ONS-116 error, you will need to move the vehicle outside if it is not already.  It will need to be started and allowed to run for at least five minutes.  For safety and security reasons, please do not leave the vehicle unattended.  Ensure it is in a safe spot to operate at idle and that the vehicle is secure.  Also ensure that the vehicle is not obstructed overhead. 

Step 3

After the vehicle has run for at least 5 minutes, Press the blue Onstar button.  

Step 4

After pressing the blue OnStar button, you will be connected with the OnStar Dealer Center.  They will assist you with the process.  Simply ask them for “Activation”

Step 5

The OnStar Dealer Center Advisor will process your request and will send a signal to the vehicle.  This may take a moment or two.  Once the signal is received by the vehicle it will display an option to “Synchronize with OnStar” .  Once that option is available, select it to resolve the ONS-116 error.  

For most of our General Motor’s Dealers, this resolves the problem quickly and effectively.  If you are still having a challenge, you may visit OnStar’s support website: 

There you will find options for Online Chat, phone call or even mail.  Of course you can always reach them by pressing the blue button as well. 

Connexion is dedicated to it’s Dealers.  If you have questions, we are here to help as well.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have or if there is a topic you would like us to cover.