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Will Lynk & Co Succeed Where Other OEM’s Have Failed?

November 16, 2020 in Thought Leadership by Greg Ross, Connected Vehicles Practice Lead, motormindz Lynk & Co is a new sub-branded line of cars, formed as a subsidiary company of China-based Geely Auto Group, and launching with a hero vehicle based closely on the Volvo XC40 SUV. The brand launched in China in 2018 using a traditional dealer-based distribution system, but Lynk & Co proposes to use an all new …

Right To Repair” And The Connected Car - Connexion Insights

“Right to Repair” and the Connected Car

November 5, 2020 in Thought Leadership by Greg Ross, Connected Vehicles Practice Lead, motormindz Among all of the important decisions made on November 3, there was one in Massachusetts that may significantly affect auto dealers, manufacturers, independent repair shops and auto owners.  Question 1 on this year’s Massachusetts ballot expands existing “Right to Repair” laws in the Commonwealth …

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GM and Taco Bell bring Car Radio into the Internet Age

October 27, 2020 in Thought Leadership by Greg Ross, Connected Vehicles Practice Lead, motormindz According to a recent Forbes article, GM and Taco Bell demonstrated that it is possible to bring the same kind of measurement to old-school broadcast radio that has become an expected part of advertising in the digital age.  In a recent test, GM paired anonymized …

Automatic Bites The Dust - Connexion Insights

Automatic Bites the Dust

Automatic is a great Connected Car service, but it is being shut down at the end of May, 2020. Can any Connected Car service based on aftermarket hardware reach large-scale adoption?

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For TaaS Providers, Engagement is Everything

More OEM’s Offering Subscriptions Over the past weeks, we have seen more announcements from OEM’s intending to become Transportation as a Service — TaaS — providers.  Nissan announced a subscription pilot called Switch.  And Hyundai announced a partnership with the startup Canoo.  Canoo intends to offer its vehicles only by subscription.  New Metrics for New …

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Car Buying for the Connected Customer

I had a recent experience with buying a beautiful new Chevy Colorado that showed me that much progress has been made to meet the expectations of connected buyers, but also revealed how much remains to be done. Web Shopping Experience: I had a great experience with the Chevrolet website and its integration with local dealer …

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OEM to Transportation Service Provider — Easier Said than Done!

Intense OEM Activity Over the past year or so, several auto manufacturers, or OEM’s, have announced their intention to make a shift from manufacturing cars and trucks to become providers of comprehensive transportation services.  And their announcements are backed up by multi-billion-dollar investments.  In December, Hyundai announced its intention to “Transition into a Smart Mobility …