Toll Management

By The Numbers

Toll Management Violation notice


Some States impose additional violation/ administrative transaction fees up to $57 in addition to the toll amount.  If it is not responded to promptly an additional $42 can be assessed.  

Dollars save with toll management


The average Dealership saves $2,976 per month by recovering previously uncollected tolls.  This is a direct impact to net profit.

toll management mile marker


Drivers in New York pay up to $1.25 PER MILE on toll roads.  Certainly this can add up quickly, especially for Dealership that do not have a Toll Management solution. 


The average number of hours an average Dealership spends in managing the existing Toll Management Process.  This is reduced by over 80% with Connexion’s Toll Management offering.

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Dealerships using Toll Management find that their customers begin using toll roads 30% less.  


There are 129 different Tolling Agencies in 34 States.  Each has a different process but all have either embraced cash-less tolling or are moving towards it in the near future.  


Once a customer receives a violation, it can take up to 6 weeks for a Dealership to be notified.  Dealerships without Toll Management often write it off – negatively affecting their bottom line.


Toll roads have been on a steady increase with over 7,000 miles across the US. In addition to adding more miles, there has been an increase of express lanes with variable tolling.


Toll Management is available for as low as $10 per month!